Dr. Schweitzer's Hospital Fund (UK)

Welcome to Dr. Schweitzer's Hospital Fund of Great Britain.

Our Fund, like many others in Europe, was established by Schweitzer in 1922 to support his work in Africa. It still helps to support the Schweitzer Hospital in Lambarene and the Schweitzer House in Gunsbach, but now it also deploys its funds for other medical centres which the Committee feels are working in the spirit of Schweitzer.

We are also deeply interested in looking at and discussing ways in which Dr. Schweitzer's philosophy of Reverence for Life can be applied in the changing circumstances of the 21st century.

Schweitzer himself said that his hospital was "an improvisation", and that the most important part of his legacy was his philosophy. Much of his thought has already spread throughout the world, in the form of ecological movements and the ethical considerations arising out of economic activity and scientific discovery. But the tough and realistic way in which he thought about life, and also lived his thought, is something that the world still sorely needs.

Through our message board (now hosted by Friends of Albert Schweitzer), we would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to contribute to this discussion. We feel that it has enormous relevance to the social and ethical problems that continue to face us today. The contributions of younger people are especially welcome in bringing new perspectives to the changing circumstances of our time.

If you are interested in learning more about the life and thought of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, visit www.albertschweitzer.info - our web site dedicated to keeping alive Schweitzer's philosophy of Reverence for Life, and also the story of its founder and the way in which he discovered this philosophy and demonstrated it in his own life.


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